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7-24-2013 - Fort Wayne Assembly - Roanoke, IN
2014 Chevy Silverado Double Cab

No Time! Too Lazy? Social Networking?
Like the ebb and flo of life, so is this web site. I haven't updated it in a long time with anything relevant. Lately I've used it as a means to get other sites listed quickly on Google, as this site has quite a few entries on Google (I believe this is mainly due to the Nascar photos I have posted in the past).

Lately I've been doing some "fine work" on Twitter and Facebook - shouldn't be too hard to find me, but I'll let you do the leg work just to show you care. Below you will find my prevoius postings, shown here for posterity and to keep me listed and linked.

Oh, The Carnage! ChicagoLand Nascar Weekend 2004
The carnage on the track this weekend was, at times, almost too much to handle. It started on qualifying day when a storm blew into the area, very reminiscent of last year, however this time around the winds were sufficient enough to send the inflatable 30' high, 60 pound Tropicana orange from the catch fence outside turn four on a qualifying round of it's own until a safety truck pushed it into the wall in turn one, blowing out its right front. We were also witness to the quick and painless death of a mourning dove later that day, while Chad Blount was qualifying - after sitting on the catch fench right in front of us, it apparently decided to commit suicide as it flew down and landed in the groove of the frontstretch while Chad was on the final lap of his qualifying round. On Saturday, Mike Wallace nearly made it two in a row, but for a lack of fuel - congrats to Jason Labonte on his first Busch win. Sunday saw some carnage of its own as things heated up on and off the track [1]. This year there are four different albums, each representing a set of photos from a separate camera. Enjoy, feedback welcome.

2004 Tropicana 400 Photo Album 1
2004 Tropicana 400 Photo Album 2
2004 Tropicana 400 Photo Album 3
2004 Tropicana 400 Photo Album 4

Green flag waves at ChicagoLand's Nascar Weekend
The much anticipated weekend has come and gone (too quickly), but a good time was had by all. This year included an added bonus of pit passes, a new digital camera with higher quality photos and more memory, and a new race winner. Enjoy!

2003 Tropicana 400 Photo Album

Thunderbirds return to Eau Claire
Having been given the opportunity to attend Friday's practice session was very exciting, as I was able to walk around the tarmack and get closer than most to some very cool planes. Unfortunately, the ceiling was too low that day for the Thunderbirds to practice, but I still snapped some decent photos.

Upward Air Show 2002 Photo Album

Gentlemen, start your engines!
Just returned from the Tropicana 400 at ChicagoLand Speedway. This was the first Nascar race I've attended, but it certainly won't be my last. A great time was had by all and we'll be doing this one again next year (with possibly a couple other races for good measure).

2002 Tropicana 400 Photo Album

It all balances out, eventually
This year's spring turkey hunt was the complete opposite of last year (see below). A couple of hunting buddies, one of their wives and myself headed out to opening morning eagerly anticipating the five day hunt ahead of us. We planned to setup on a field near where we had heard some gobblers on previous mornings, however, as we were walking along the edge of the field a gobbler starting hammering from his roost only 50 yards into the woods. The one buddy and his wife (he had a permit, she didn't) setup up along the short side of the field near the corner, while myself and another hunting buddy (no permit for him either) crouch-walked about 50 yards down the long side of the field next to the woods where the gobbler was roosted. Not wanting to spook the turkey by having him profile me in the field, I crawled out about 15 feet and planted my decoys (a hen with a jake about one foot behind the hen).

Less than five minutes later, a hen pitched down into the field about 60 yards out followed closely by two gobblers! Once they landed, the gobblers went into strut and as they turned and saw my decoys, the dominant bird folded his feathers and almost sprinted to my decoys with the second gobbler in tow. Of course, this alll caught me by surprise so at this point my shotgun was still lying across my lap! The dominant gobbler ran right to the jake decoy, flew up in the air and proceed to stomp and spur my decoy until it was flattened with it's stake sticking out the side of the foam body. During this amazing show, I was able to slowly raise my shotgun without spooking them (keep in mind this is happening about 15 feet in front of me and the only thing between me and them is my camo). As I looked at the gobblers, trying to decide which one to shoot, I realized they were nearly identical. I figured the one that trashed my decoy was the dominant bird (and had some payback coming for the decoy), so I waited for them to get about 20 feet away and shot slightly to the side of his head so I didn't take it completely off! As soon as that bird hit the ground, the other tom jumped into the air and began spurring my bird (now 20 feet away) in a tremendous flurry of activity.

I sat there in awe at this point - I had my bird, but I wanted a double for me and my buddy who was positioned to the right of me on the side of the field. I started by making some small noises in hopes of distracting the second tom and getting him to start moving, but he was too fixated on beating up his fallen comrade. I decided to be a little more agressive with my noise making, so I raised my pump shotgun, ejected the empty shell and jacked a new one into the chamber. Effect? None. At this point, we are both laughing out loud at the antics of this turkey. Nothing I did would get him to move, fortunately, my other hunting buddy (with a permit) took matters into his own hands (or feet) and boldy walked upright across this plowed field until he was within about 40 yards of the remaining tom, where he promptly "rescued" my bird from the beating it was receiving.

In the end, we both had nearly 23 pound birds, one with 10.5" beard the other with an 11" beard (the dominant bird), and they both had about 1" spurs. Our spring hunt was done at 5:45am on opening morning, less than 15 minutes from the time we parked our vehicles!

Spring 2002 Turkey Hunt Photo Album

And now for something completely different...
Having unsuccessfully hunted wild turkey this spring, it was of some consolation to have gotten the call from my taxidermist in regards to last year's successful hunt. Not only was the season a success, but the job done by Petersen Taxidermy was outstanding! For the curious, there are links provided below. The setting may not be ideal, but the subject matter is the key.

Large Images
View 1 (960x1280) View 2 (1280x960) View 3 (960x1280)

Small Images
View 1 (360x480) View 2 (640x480) View 3 (360x480)

Speaking of Florida...
If you plan on visiting the Orlando area, you must include Discovery Cove in your plans. Located next to Sea World and opened in the summer of 2000, Orlando's newest attraction will provide you with an experience you will remember for a lifetime. You'll be able to snorkel in their salt-water lagoons right along side thousands of tropical fish and rays, and you'll come face to face with sharks and barracudas. The highlight of the experience, however, is the dolphin encounter - a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with dolphins and experience them up-close. You must make reservations in advance, as the park admission is limited to 1000 people per day and the dolphin encounters are even more limited - in other words, reservations are required! The photos below show you just how close you get to the dolphins and you even have an opportunity hitch a ride with them, as they effortlessly pull you through the water.
Dolphin 1 Dolphin 2

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